10 Fundamentals of Onsite Health and Safety

Posted on July 01, 2019

Onsite health and safety requires an integrated system that encourages employees to participate and engage in their own health, whereby offering them the care they need. It is essential that an onsite health program offers a comprehensive health service that covers clinical care, fitness, lifestyle and chronic condition management. There are some fundamentals that need to be in place, regardless of the size of the organisation:

Assessment & Screenings

Arrangement for regular assessments and screenings to identify and make employees aware of any health risks they may be exposed to. This would allow for appropriate preventive measures to be taken in order to restrain any condition from developing.

Health Coaching

Health specialists should work with employees, ensuring progress by offering them support and accountability. These individuals need to build a rapport with employees for maximum results.

First Aid Response

All staff should be trained in first aid response based on the nature of worksite accidents and medical care needs of the organisation. They should be prepared to provide immediate assistance at all times.


Appropriate transport systems need to be in place for emergencies. An emergency can occur at anytime requiring immediate transfer to a health facility and without proper systems in place, the company would be risking the lives of their employees.

Disease Management

Once early risks are identified, employees should be offered the opportunity to connect with clinicians in order initiate care plans.

Medical Care Professionals

Onsite health experts should just not be able to treat immediate health issues of employees but also be able to advise and help employees improve their lifestyle. This could range from nutrition and fitness to stress management. Therefore, it is imperative that medical professionals are experts in their respective fields. They should also receive training on a regular basis to keep abreast with the latest in health services.


Customized services for Tetanus, TB and other vaccinations to meet specific vaccine needs of the organization.

Drug Screening

Provision for onsite breath alcohol testing and substance abuse collection/testing to reduce laboratory visits.

First Aid supplies

Availability of first aid supplies and kits based on the needs. These kits need to be maintained and re-stocked when needed.

Customized Reports

Customized and routine reporting to keep track of the accidents and monitor trends for preventive measures to be taken.

This list is not exhausted and there are various other elements that are essential for a robust onsite health and safety system. Get in touch with our support team today to find out more about onsite health & safety and where possible let us help you build a solution that will meet the exact needs of your organisation.