7 Major Pre-Requisites for Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients

Posted on June 25, 2018

Across the world when critical medical care needs of a patient exceed what local clinics offer, urgent evacuation by air becomes crucial for their survival. One such condition that necessitates air medical transportation is Acute Coronary Syndrome. This term is used to describe a series of conditions associated with sudden, reduced blood flow to the heart.

One condition under the umbrella of acute coronary syndrome is myocardial infarction (heart attack) — when cell demise brings about damage or destroys heart tissue. Even when acute coronary syndrome causes no cell demise, the decreased blood stream alters heart functionality, signalling a high risk of heart attack. Acute coronary syndrome is often indicated by severe chest pain or discomfort, requiring urgent diagnosis and medical care. Complexities like this can happen anywhere and would require the patient to be transported to a hospital where percutaneous coronary mediation (PCI) can be performed. Air ambulance being one of the most secure choices in a crisis like this. Read on to find out how AirMed serves as the best choice for acute coronary syndrome air medical

Timely Services

The need for acute coronary syndrome patients to be treated within a time frame of 12 to 36 hours post acute event, makes such cases very time-sensitive. Therefore, our support team ensures that these medical emergencies are dealt with extra care and are given priority over less sensitive cases. All processes are escalated to facilitate the patient and ensure they get the medical treatment they need and deserve.

On-board Care & Facilities

Our medically equipped aircrafts are employed so that acute coronary syndrome patients can get the treatment they require. These aircrafts have all the necessary and latest medical equipment that an ICU may have. Before each departure, the crew ensures that equipment, medication and power supplies on-board meet the needs of any given case. Our staff also comes prepared for medical or weather emergencies should they arise, requiring them to alter their course of action.

Our staff ensures that the patient is comfortable, with their bedding, the treatment, attending nurse and overall ambiance. The planes are flown at lower altitudes to avoid any turbulence that may bring discomfort to the patient.

We understand that acute coronary syndrome air medical may cause the patients oxygen issues and travel-related anxiety and therefore we take extra measures to help patients settle down.


Pre-flight Planning & Arrangements

Before departure pre-assessment of patients is carried out to rule out allergies and medical conditions. This enables our crew to make more informed decisions on-board and helps our paramedics refer the patient to hospitals or doctors that can capably handle their case.

Experienced Team Members

Our medical staff are all certified, with years of experience. Through periodic training sessions and assessments, we encourage our teams to keep pace with the latest developments in air medical acute coronary. Moreover, we ensure that our staff follows the treatment guidelines.

Our acute coronary syndrome air medical crew is experienced in successfully normalizing blood flow and acute coronary syndrome medical emergencies. In the occurrence of hypotension and arrhythmias, our paramedics are fully capable of stabilizing the condition. Moreover, we also offer pre-hospital care for rapid reperfusion (sudden blockage of coronary artery).

International Diplomacy

International air medical is a complicated process, with a set of its own challenges: ranging from the need to exchange information to dealing with tax authorities. Our support staff maintains relationships with embassies and hospitals to ensure smooth logistics.

Correspondence & Medical Arrangements

Apart from offering bed-to-bed services that even non-emergency patients can avail, we also have a network of receiving hospitals and doctors. Where needed our staff is ready to make such arrangements for the patient.

Emotional Support

We are fully aware of how such an adversity can take a toll on the patient and their loved ones. They might be struck with anxiety and emotional outburst. At AirMed we treat our clients like family, where our supportive teams are ever ready to extend emotional support and help ease the pain of patients and their loved ones alike.

Acute coronary syndrome air medical may require urgent transfer from either a community to a hospital or between facilities. Timely intervention being the most important factor in such cases. Even though air medical is the safest and most effective mode of transportation, it may be costly. Therefore, we encourage our clients to opt for packages that make such emergencies easy on the pocket, while ensuring the very best of health services.