10 Useful Ways to Provide Air Medical Services to GBS Patients

Posted on May 23, 2018

From successfully transporting patients with rare disorders such as GBS syndrome to organ transportation, AirMed has proved its mettle over and over again. With decades of experience in successfully treating and transporting patients across the globe, AirMed has established itself as the one of the most trusted and favourned names when it comes to air medical transportation. Read on to find out how AirMed can help patients suffering from GBS syndrome:


Trusted Gullian Barre Syndrome Air Medical

From patient medical care to aircraft certifications, AirMed International ensures strict accreditation safety standards are met across operations. The air medical service provider is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS), the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI).

A Systemic Approach

The medical crew is assigned based on the case and the teams prior experience with GBS syndrome patients. Also, our medical team tries to retrieve all details regarding the patient’s illness (including treatment details, hospital discharge cards, doctor's certificates, relevant medical history details, etc). Moreover, the primary caretaker is contacted to set the right course of action in case of a medical emergency for the patient and the recommended medication.

Medically Equipped Aircrafts

We offer various packages that can be customized, coupled with multiple aircraft options that the customers can avail based on their needs and considerations. All planes are state licensed air ambulance vehicles, equipped with the latest in life support to meet the critical care needs of the patient. The planes are positioned strategically so that the needs of the patients can easily be addressed.

Trained & Experienced Members

Each air emergency vehicle transport has a group comprising of a basic care flight attendant and flight doctor. We assign the appropriate medical team depending on the GBS syndrome patient’s condition. Our medical team members have at a minimum of five years of experience in critical care.

Safe & Comfortable Journey

All our machines, including the planes are periodically investigated to ensure wellbeing and safety of the patients. Our medical team members are encouraged to participate in annual trainings and evaluations to ensure their skills are at the highest level. From aero-medical to patient management, they are expected to cover a variety of courses. We ensure that the patient’s journey is as comfortable as possible, from extra foaming to positioning, every little detail is given utmost attention. We understand what the GBS syndrome might be going through physical, which is why extra measures are taken by our medical crew when dealing with GBS syndrome patients.

Communication & Emotional Support

We keep all communication lines with the GBS syndrome patients and their loved ones clear so there is no confusion. We also understand that times like these might be hard on the patient and their loved ones. And more importantly, how significant a role our team members can play to help ease their anxiety by providing emotional support.

Around the Clock Support Services

Our support team is available throughout to ensure you get a fast and non-bureaucratic service in case of an emergency. AirMed offers custom-made Gullian Barre syndrome air medical transportation help, that can be organized on a short notice too.

Provision for Extended Services

The team can come down and carry out an assessment of the Gullian Barre syndrome patient, set up appointments and even handle correspondence with public authorities, renowned paramedics, specialists, clinics and consulates at your discretion.

Care Group Support

At least one member of the Gullian Barre syndrome patient’s family can travel with the patient. This can be altered depending on the situation. The family members are taken care of throughout the journey. In addition, any information regarding the patient’s medical condition is passed on to the care group without any delay.

Bedside-to-bedside Services

Airmed offers unparalleled bedside-to-bedside services to Gullian Barre syndrome air medical patients. Bedside-to-Bedside benefit implies that the same medical team is dependably with the patient for all aspects of Gullian Barre syndrome air medical transport. The same team picks the patient from their location, accompanying them in the ground emergency vehicle to the air terminal. The same team deals with the patient on-board, till they get to their destination. Regarding the patient as their own family.

For any queries relating to Gullian Barre syndrome air medical transportation or our air ambulance services, please reach out to our team today.