As an AMCN member, you know the value of life saving coverage.

Now as an AMCN Fly-U-Home Member you can recover on your terms.

AMCN Fly-U-Home members have access to a fleet of medically equipped, private aircraft standing by 24x7x365 to fly them back home if they’re ever hospitalized while travelling – all for less than 42 cents per day. This means recovering closer to home and family at the hospital of your choosing.

To be eligible for flight, you must be picked up at a hospital that admitted you as an inpatient when you are more than 150 miles from home. We will fly you to the admitting hospital of your choice within the vicinity of your home. Both pickup and receiving hospitals must be in the Contiguous 48 States. In certain cases, transportation may will be provided by a commercial aircraft with medical escort. See full terms and conditions.

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How does AMCN Fly-U-Home differ from my current membership?

These two services complement one another. Your family is most protected when you have both!

AMCN Fly-U-Home
Used When
You are in an immediate life-or-death situation and are transported by one of our aircraft to the nearest hospital.
You are an inpatient at a hospital that admitted you while you were travelling more than 150 miles from home and would like to be transported to a hospital closer to home.
Service Provided
Transport by air ambulance to the nearest appropriate hospital in a life threatening emergency.
Transport by private medical aircraft (“flying ICU”) to the hospital of your choice near your home.
Activated By
A 911 operator or medical professional who makes the determination that an emergency air transport is necessary.
You! You call AMCN Fly-U-Home directly when you (or a covered loved one) would like to recover closer to home.
Anyone living in your household is covered with your membership.*
Anyone living in your household is covered with your membership.*
Out-of-Pocket Cost
NO out-of-pocket expenses for eligible air ambulance transports performed by our providers.
NO out-of-pocket expenses for eligible medical flights.

*Assumes standard, retail family membership.

How AMCN Fly-U-Home Works

Step 1

Call AMCN 24/7/365

We don’t choose where and when we get ill. In the unfortunate event that you are hospitalized while travelling, AMCN Fly-U-Home gives you the option to recover closer to home at the hospital of your choice. A simple call will begin the process of getting you to the hospital of your choice with a confirmation that the trip requires medical escort and that you will remain a hospitalized inpatient upon landing.

Step 2

AMCN Handles Everything

AMCN Fly-U-Home handles everything from the logistics of getting you from hospital A to hospital B, confirming bed availability, coordinating with your admitting physician, and arranging all the proper medically-equipped and professionally-staffed aircraft for your treatment and transport. In cases where it’s appropriate, we’ll even arrange for you to travel on a commercial airliner with a medical escort.

Step 3

Recover with peace of mind

As an AMCN Fly-U-Home member, you will never see a bill for your flight. These flights typically cost tens of thousands of dollars, and are rarely covered by insurance carriers. With your membership you will have the option of choice, without the surprise of out-of-pocket costs.

QuickFacts About AMCN Fly-U-Home

We have more experience than anyone in the business

  • We have completed more than 18,000 missions since being founded more than 30 years ago.

We own and operate more than 35 aircraft strategically positioned around the United States.

  • We don’t rely on broker services, who aren’t ultimately responsible for transporting you.
  • We are responsible every step of the way.

Our clinical capabilities are bar none.

  • Our aircraft are outfitted like flying ICUs.
  • We have nurses and paramedics on call, specially trained for these transports.
  • We can even fly with MDs.

Our product is exceptionally priced.

  • Competitors charge $300+ a year for membership, and don’t actually own or operate their own aircraft – which means poorer service at a higher cost.

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Come see for yourself what the inside of one of our medically equipped aircraft looks like.

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$149 per year

For less than 42 cents a day you and your family can have access to state-of-the-art, medically-equipped private aircraft (flying ICU), at your time of need.

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Coverage of 48 Contiguous United States

Our fleet of aircraft are strategically positioned across the country for best-in-class response times.

We’ll pick you up at any hospital in the Contiguous 48 States that you have been admitted to when that hospital is more than 150 miles from home.

We’ll drop you off at the hospital of your choice in the vicinity of your home.

* Contiguous 48 States means the United States of America excluding the states of Alaska and Hawaii and excluding all territories and possessions.


“Most of us could not easily cover the costs of private air transport by medical professionals when urgently needed. ...Not only was our AirMed policy a great investment, but we really don't know what we would have done without it. Throughout the AirMed transport, the service was of the highest professional and compassionate quality, simple to summon, and timely.”

-Elderly couple, both AirMed members, both transported within weeks of each other for different reasons

“AirMed's compassion, respect, and complete ability to care for my child is something I will never forget. ... AirMed was a wonderful gift from God, a lifeline and reassurance of hope during our family’s most traumatic experience. ... Thank you, AirMed!”

-Mother of 18-month-old child who was a burn victim, transported by AirMed to specialty hospital for treatment