International Commercial Stretcher Service


Transporting an injured individual or an ill person internationally can be very challenging which can become specifically difficult if the patient is unable to sit up for any duration of the transfer. International commercial stretcher services can be exceedingly complex and require high level expertise as well as critical medical care which is why it is imperative to select an accredited air commercial stretcher service provider who will give the comfort, ease and medical care of the patient highest priority.

Commercial medical stretcher service is generally required most urgently when an individual falls ill in a foreign country and requires repatriation or medical evacuation which is why it is only available on international flights via a few selected commercial airline companies only. Most patients and their families also prefer using international commercial stretcher service because it offers a more economical alternative that provides the same level of medical care as an air medical transfer without the cost of an air ambulance, saving the customers thousands of dollars in cost.


Expert Air Commercial Stretcher Transport by AirMed

AirMed International has been successfully transporting patients using commercial medical stretcher services and offering them multiple levels of expert critical medical care in a cost effective manner for over two decades now. At AirMed, we customize our international commercial stretcher services based on the needs of our clients to ensure that all or any of the following specialists are available in-flight with the patient: ICU Registered Nurses, Registered Respiratory Therapists, Physician, Nurse and/or Paramedics.

All our flight crew and in-flight medical staff are licensed professionals who are trained in Aeromedical Medicine and Critical Care Transport. We arrange and coordinate the entire air commercial stretcher transport to offer our clients a worry free experience by taking care of:

  • Obtaining required airline medical clearance through the airline medical desk.

  • Booking of stretcher installation and airline tickets arrangement (for First or Business Class).

  • Arrange and coordinate all ground transportation at both attending and receiving facilities.

  • Arrange for the proper medical team, medical equipment and supplies for the flight.

  • Coordinate the entire transfer and update the family as it progresses.

  • Verification of fly-to-fly status our Clinical Coordination department and Medical Director.

How AirMed’s Commercial Medial Stretcher Service Works

AirMed International is an award winning and fully accredited air medical transport and a commercial medical stretcher service provider that has earned the reputation of providing unparalleled services as a leading air medical transport company. The air commercial stretcher transport works well for patients who are stable and require an air medical transfer, medevac or medical repatriation services because they are unable to sit during the length of the transfer. Both BLS (Basic Life Support) and ALS (Advanced Life Support) patients may also be eligible for our air commercial stretcher transport flights as long as they have a tracheostomy but are not on a ventilator.

At AirMed, we ensure that all our air commercial stretchers are FAA approved. For a typical commercial stretcher service, we ensure that a dedicated section on a commercial airline is furnished to accommodate the patient accompanied by the air commercial stretcher and required medical equipment. We work out complete logistics to ensure that the patient has an isolated area from the rest of the airline passengers and all the necessary documentation is taken care of by the AirMed team. Besides our air commercial stretcher transport services, we also facilitate our patients with commercial medical escorts and bedside to bedside services, specifically for those who require assistance or health monitoring throughout their travel time before and after the air medical flight.

Our International Commercial Stretcher Service is just Call Away

Air commercial stretcher services are a safe and effective mode of international medical transport that stands unique for offering patients high quality air medical transport at a fraction of the air ambulance cost. If you think that your patient is a good candidate for our international commercial stretcher services then please call to get a quote at 205-443-4840.



Our medical teams also hold board certifications in CFRN (Certified Flight Registered Nurse) or CCRN (Critical Care Registered Nurse) We are proud to have this as one of AirMed’s standards to provide the highest clinical care.