Ehlers-Danlos Air Medical Services 

Critical Care Air Ambulance Services

The Ehlers Danlos syndromes are connective tissue disorders that are likely to be inherited and can affect the body in various ways. They are by and large characterized by joint hypermobility skin, hyperextensibility and fragile tissue disorder. The number of people affected by this illness range from 1 in 2,500 to 1 in 5,000 in the United States. At Airmed our team is experienced in treating and transporting patients with Ehlers Danlos syndromes.  From their comfort to healthcare, Airmed has proved its mettle in transporting Ehlers Danlos syndromes patients successfully. Read on to find out how EDS air medical services Airmed offers will facilitate you at every step of the journey:  


At Airmed the primary goal is to transport the patient with utmost care. AirMed excels in bed-to-bed services and our supportive team members make sure that the entire journey is comfortable for the patient. The team coordinates with the patients primary care provider to ensure that all the necessary accommodations are available on board. Extra memory foam padding is added and we let Ehlers Danlos syndromes patients position themselves, so that they are as comfortable as possible. We understand that many of the patients may be food reactive, therefore we create safe meal plans accordingly.  


We believe in listening to our patients and catering to their needs. We ensure that proper health care and other facilities are in place for the patients so they face no discomfort before, during and even after the flight. Illness takes an emotional toll on patients and our experienced team understands how important it is to be emotional supportive so not to further distress the patients. At Airmed, patients are treated like family!

Medical Care

Our staff administers medication and nutrition to the patient throughout to ensure they stay on schedule. All our EDS air medical services staff on board is informed about the patient’s medical condition and proper patient charts are maintained. We do not disregard the ID warning bracelets and the medications the patient might be allergic to are avoided at all costs. IV fluids are given to patients and if the IV does not hold then PICC line is used. We understand the patient might be fragile and therefore take measures to ensure they are handled with care.

Moreover, our EDS air medical services include other related services that can help patients get the quality treatment they deserve. From finding specialists to setting up appointments, any coordination of that nature is handled by our team of translators, who can speak a variety of languages. Our aircrafts are fully equipped and fly at lower altitudes to avoid turbulence. Furthermore, having the best and the most experienced staff helps us cater to your needs to the fullest.

To find out more about EDS air medical services or to get a custom plan made, please reach out to us and Airmed will ensure that it was the best decision you made!


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Our medical teams also hold board certifications in CFRN (Certified Flight Registered Nurse) or CCRN (Critical Care Registered Nurse) We are proud to have this as one of AirMed’s standards to provide the highest clinical care.