Patient Care Delivery System

Patient Care Delivery System


AirMed’s commitment to patient care has remained its number one priority since its inception. It has delivered and continues to maintain unparalleled patient care delivery system; whereby providing expert assessment, intervention and safe transportation. Here is how it demonstrates its commitment to superior patient care:

Equipment & Staff

AirMed has retained its position in the industry by continuously staying up to date with key developments in patient care delivery and redesigning its patient care delivery system in relation to that. It employs the most sophisticated equipment in its intensive care aircrafts to monitor and treat patients.

Moreover, its medical crew; consisting of pilots, nurses and paramedics are all certified and have years of experience of critical care transportation. The prerequisite for onboarding medical crew staff members are extensive and stringent; whereby all members are examined, monitored and trained on an ongoing basis. The assessment protocols are maintained to ensure that evidence-based, high quality and patient focused services are delivered.

Care & Communication

Geriatric patients may require higher levels of oxygen due to health conditions like respiratory insufficiencies, congestive heart failure and other chronic conditions. They may also be sensitive to changes in altitude, which is why availability of oxygen and expert administration to adjust levels is required.


Our patient care delivery system is designed to comfortably and more importantly safely transport the patients to their final destination; whereby ensuring that the medical crew is ready to deal with any emergency and critical care need. We treat our patients like family and not as bodies, which has helped us provide quality care seamlessly.

We also ensure that our boarding utilities are continuously upgraded. From loading ramp system to the unloading, we make sure the process is safer, faster and less intimidating for the patient. For maximum facilitation, we ensure the availability of thick pads, mobile monitoring equipment and adjustable knee lift.

Communication is a vital part of patient care and our staff completely understands that. We listen to the patient and their loved ones without assuming what their care needs may be. This helps us facilitate patients better. We also understand how emergency situations can take an emotional toll and how unfamiliar surroundings can add to the patient’s anxiety. Our staff has experience dealing with such situations and providing comfort to the patient.

Experience & Accreditations

The commitment and hard work of its teams have enabled it deliver a seamless bedside-to-bedside transport experience from across the globe - enabling it remain a pioneer in the air ambulance industry for over three decades.

AirMed International is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS), the European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI), and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). These strict accreditation standards ensure the utmost safety, covering every part of the AirMed operation from patient medical care to aircraft safety.

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Our medical teams also hold board certifications in CFRN (Certified Flight Registered Nurse) or CCRN (Critical Care Registered Nurse) We are proud to have this as one of AirMed’s standards to provide the highest clinical care.