Our Bases

Rivaling patient care in some of the finest hospitals, AirMed medical aircraft are equipped for virtually
every critical care scenario. AirMed’s complete vertical integration and customized fleet of aircraft
ensures our ability to provide the highest quality medical evacuation experience in the industry. We
invest heavily in the infrastructure of not only our aircraft but also our personnel, allowing us to offer a
seamless bedside-to-bedside experience for our patients.

Each aircraft is permanently configured for air medical transport with the latest medical equipment mirroring an ICU environment. We have established a combination of fixed-bases along with a floating base model allowing us the greatest flexibility in the industry to timely respond to any mission request.

In addition to our 4 permanent base locations, AirMed manages a fleet of dedicated aircraft (Learjet
35/36) on a “point to point model”, meaning that they float throughout the United States. This hybrid
approach to servicing air medical transports allows us to be anywhere at any time, giving us the
flexibility to meet diverse transportation needs. Coupled with our robust medical resources and
personnel, we believe we are the best fit to serve our partners needs 24/7/365.

Our bases include:

Birmingham, Alabama Fleet

Birmingham, Alabama

From our Birmingham base, AirMed provides worldwide service to our customers utilizing three Raytheon Hawker 800 air ambulance aircraft. In addition to the standard gaseous oxygen systems used in most medical jet aircraft, these long-range aircraft are also equipped with a liquid oxygen system allowing longer transport of ventilator-dependent patients without the need to replenish on-board oxygen supply.

San Antonio, Texas Fleet

San Antonio, Texas

Our base in San Antonio, TX safely delivers both emergent and non-emergent transport services to patients across the U.S., Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. In addition our fleet of King Air and Beechjet 400 XP aircraft provide 24/7 services as a trusted partner too many of the major hospital based systems in the region to accommodate their needs for organ procurement missions. We are a member of the Texas Association of Air Medical Services and pride ourselves on being one of the largest providers of fixed-wing services in the state of Texas.

Point to Point Model Fleet

Point to Point Model

Our team of Flight Sales Coordinators work tirelessly to provide the highest level of patient care and timely response for all non-emergent transport request by utilizing our fleet of dedicated Lear35/45 aircraft as well as Challenger 601s.  We are able to evaluate at the time of requests which asset is best positioned to service any domestic or international medical transport case and offer an upfront price quotation for service.  Our floating fleet model allows the greatest flexibility in the industry by eliminating empty leg mileage and overall flight time to patient.  We currently operate four dedicated aircraft (Learjet 35/45) under this model and these aircraft are able to be activated for any domestic mission on a 2-hour call out.  This approach to air medical transportation allows us to be anywhere at any time, giving us the flexibility to meet diverse transportation needs.


Fleet Range Map

AirMed has been chosen as fixed-wing air medical transportation for the top hospitals in the country, including the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. We are a contracted air carrier for the U.S. Department of Defense and have flown U.S. Presidents and countless heads of state. AirMed is equipped for virtually every critical care scenario, regardless of your age or where you are in the world. Your safety means the world to us. We are proud to have the finest medical staff, the largest fleet and complete vertical integration. AirMed is the most experienced and respected air medical program in the sky, having flown more missions to more cities and countries than anyone in the industry.

Locations and coverage shown on this map are approximate and may be updated at any time.