7 Best Non-Medical Emergency Transportation Companies

Posted on March 28, 2018

The demand for non-emergency medical transportation has rapidly increased over the past few years, which has fueled the development of non-emergency transportation service companies offering customized packages, depending on the need. Non-emergency medical transportation involves movement of medically stable patients on a non-urgent basis. Predominantly moving patients from and to hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, clinics, nursing homes or patient’s own house.  

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7 Tips for Air Medical Transportation of Patients with Brain Injuries

Posted on March 20, 2018

Patients requiring brain injury air medical transportation should do so in a timely manner to avoid any casualties. According to a report published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, In the US alone, every year 30% of deaths and permanent disabilities are caused by traumatic brain injuries. Therefore, it is imperative that they receive critical medical care within the first few hours. 

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7 Things You Must Know About Air Medical Repatriation

Posted on February 27, 2018

Getting into a medical crisis is any expat’s worst nightmare and with no medical repatriation arrangements in place - managing it could be extraordinarily distressing. When you and your family are in your nation of origin, should anything repulsive happens, you have your care group, your family and companions, you recognize what to do, who to call, where to go, you know about the social insurance framework, there is no dialect or social obstruction. 

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5 Ways to Make Medevac Completely Stress Free

Posted on February 26, 2018

In case of a medical emergency, the patient and their family members may have to face a number of challenges - especially if they are in a foreign land. From visa issues to language barriers, there is a plethora of elements that may not work in your favor. To avoid a lot of stress and streamline things, consider the following tips next time you plan a trip

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Guide to Starting a Non-Emergency Transportation Services Company

Posted on January 02, 2018

Given the growth of the elderly population, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service Industry catering to people in wheelchairs, stretchers and those who are unable to walk around is also expected to grow. For someone who is looking to enter the Healthcare sector, non-emergency medical transportation services would be a good option to consider: it is a niche that doesn’t require you to be fully equipped for medical emergencies and is not quite as hard to set up. It is best to start with some research, like examining the competition in your local area, talking to patients, identifying the growth potential and most importantly the constraints at your end.

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