4 Major Tips for Improving Air Ambulance Safety

Posted on December 28, 2017

Over the years air ambulance safety cultures have developed to include more technology. Today, air medical transport organizations address critical human factors by incorporating comprehensive safety management systems. In 2010, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) developed a series of policies and practices which included programs for the air medical transport companies that involved risk management, installation of data recorders, radar ailments and integration of an operation control center.

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5 Key Issues with Air Medical Transportation

Posted on December 22, 2017

Air medical flights are unique in nature, specifically because they are transporting patients who require critical medical attention and care. Almost a decade ago, the job of an air medical transport pilot was considered the most dangerous in the U.S. It was a time when the situation of air ambulance accidents had escalated and blown up to a public health crisis. That was the time when the air medical transportation industry was experiencing rapid growth and there were fewer companies operating in the United States.

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5 Valuable Tips before Transporting Senior Medical Patients

Posted on November 23, 2017

Aging loved ones, be it your parents or your grandparents, can find mobility quite challenging with passing time. Unable to move as freely as they used to, most of them are unable to drive cars around for running day to day errands and even require assistance during short distance travels. So what do you do when they fall ill or meet an accident which renders then incapable of travelling and the senior care facilities that can cater to them are located at a longer distance?

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Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Air Medical Flight

Posted on November 21, 2017

Air medical flights have long been providing critical care patients the safest option to relocate over long distances, specifically when time is of essence. It’s the best option for people who live in remote areas and require immediate access to a medical facility. There are a dozens of reasons for why a person might need air medical flight services. People travelling to foreign countries sometimes need to be flown to their home country for treatment after meeting an accident or falling ill. Most of the times medical flights are needed because patients require medical repatriation due to the non-availability of medical or rehab facilities in the country they are in while other times patients might need to be rushed to a specialized medical facility in another city.

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Difference between Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

Posted on October 19, 2017

As more people travel around the world seeking jobs, visiting family and friends or on vacations, the need for medical repatriation services often becomes indispensable. Many who fall sick overseas or meet an unfortunate accident abroad discover that hospitals in foreign countries, many times, are unable to provide the first-world medical facilities. In times like these, emergency medical evacuation services can become the difference between life and death.

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