How to Choose the Best Commercial Stretcher Service

Posted on May 23, 2018

Commercial stretcher service providers transform a commercial carrier into a propelled air ambulance setting to provide medical care, ease and comfort to the patient. As a rule up to 8 seats are removed from the aircraft to accommodate the stretcher. When a patient is in need of a commercial stretcher service provider, ideally the decision should be made in two stages: firstly you will have to narrow down the companies that you can trust from the pool and then determine which company among your selection, meets your needs the best. These two steps have been broken down further so that it is easier for you to find the right commercial stretcher service provider for your needs:


Opting for a trusted commercial stretcher service provider

Emergency medical issues and certain disabilities can make people dependent on others and leave them medically fragile. Therefore, any attempt to transport such patients without proper equipment or training can have serious repercussions.

Global commercial stretcher services can be really complex, requiring high levels of expertise in conjunction with critical medical care services, which makes choosing a company that is accredited so much more important. An accredited commercial stretcher service provider is most likely to offer the highest level of services with safety and comfort guaranteed.

One final thing you can never neglect is the importance of company reviews. You should always look up client reviews and talk to others who may have availed the service before booking a commercial stretcher services provider, especially if the distance is significant. It is imperative that the company you opt for has experience in dealing with emergency situations.

Our air medical transport services are certified by CAMTS, NAACS, FAA, EURAMI, with years of experience in serving the United States Department of Defense. As an award winning company, we believe in improving ourselves with every step forward.

Checking if the commercial stretcher service provider is the right fit for you

In an emergency you ought to check if the commercial stretcher service provider has staff that is trained and experienced in critical care services. What are the minimum credit hours and how many paramedics, including nurses would accompany you. Also, there should be necessary emergency equipment on-board, most importantly: cardiac monitors, defibrillator, IV pumps, oxygen and immersion screen, transport ventilators, crisis medication and so on.

You might also need the commercial stretcher service provider to arrange for logistics, paramedics, make appointments and facilitate in a number of other things. For instance, not all commercial stretcher service providers that provide transportation, offer bed-to-bed services. Therefore, it is essential that you opt for a provider that fits your criterion.

At Airmed, we have over two decades of experience in transporting patients successfully across the globe. Our planes are equipped with the most advanced technology in critical care that are staff can proficiently use. All our staff is certified, with extensive training in flight physiology and aviation medicine. Usually the team consists of two medical members but the crew is arranged depending on the patient’s need.

We offer top quality bed-to-bed services with a 99 percent retention rate. We can make any medical arrangement in the face of an emergency, keeping your safety and comfort at the forefront. Our 24/7 support staff is always available for help and waste no time in processes your case - prioritises cases depending on the level of urgency.

When you choose AirMed as your partner, you can rest easy knowing that you will receive nothing but quality services. Regardless of personal situations and needs, we treat all our customers equally and deliver a service that is consistent with our core values and standards that exceed industry benchmarks.