5 Reasons CAMTS Accreditation is Essential for Air Medical Services

Posted on September 05, 2017

The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) is a non-profit agency dedicated to improving the quality of patient care and air medical transport services provided by fixed wing, rotor wing and ground transportation companies. CAMTS accredits air medical transport companies and air ambulance services across the US and other countries through its voluntary accreditation program.

Comprising of representatives from twenty member organizations, where each member represents a component of air or ground medical transport, the Accreditation Standards of CAMTS ensure the highest possible patient care and safety in a transport environment. In order to attain the ‘fully accredited’ status, companies providing air medical transport services must volunteer for undergoing a rigorous review and inspection process of all their service areas as well as personnel. CAMTS has a specific set of established criteria by which medical air services are judged.


Why your Air Medical Transport Company requires CAMTS Accreditation?

When an air medical services company like AirMed is fully accredited by CAMTS, it means that they are in substantial compliance with the Accreditation Standards set forth by the agency. This accreditation is a seal of quality for their medical air services and indicates trust and dependability.

Here are five reasons why CAMTS accreditation is considered essential for air medical services:


1 Medical Air Services Assurance

A full accreditation by CAMTS is a badge of quality which any air medical transport company would be proud to wear. It indicates that the medical air services offered by that certain company meets the highest standards, assuring users of the level of service quality and automatically earns the user’s vote of confidence. CAMTS accreditation is a certification of excellence which compels customers to secure medical air services from the CAMTS accredited company, preferring it over all others.


2 Service Recognition at Government Level

Even though CAMTS accreditation is voluntary in principle, in some government jurisdictions and states (like Washington, Utah, New Jersey, Michigan, Colorado and New Mexico) medical air services companies are required to have CAMTS accreditation in order to acquire a license to operate. The reason behind the necessary CAMTS accreditation requirement is the assurance that the services offered by the air medical transport company meets the national public safety standards. As of July 2017, there are 185 accredited air medical services in the US, a complete list of which can be reviewed on CAMTS official website.


3 Air Medical Transport Dependability

CAMTS accreditation ensures of the air medical transport company’s indispensability to meet minimum standards, indicating focus on patient comfort and care. Despite the review process of CAMTS accreditation being time consuming and a bit costly, air medical services programs can distinguish themselves to current and potential utilizers. While one part of CAMTS accreditation audits air medical transport like aircrafts and helicopters. The other part of those standards measures appropriate medical care, various critical Trauma level services, emergency response and expertise of the transport team who also needs to adhere to strict screening.


4 Lower Insurance Premiums

Air medical transport services that are accredited by CAMTS generally have lowered premiums due to high safety standards and quality commitment. CAMTS accredited medical air services companies are preferred by federal and state organizations and are more likely to be granted contracts due to their credibility.


5 Trusted Patient Care and Safety

Companies that follow the CAMTS recommended standards of operation will always put patient safety first. As the only accreditation agency that offers global safety standards for both ground and air medical services, CAMTS Accreditation Standards ensure the highest patient care and safety which captivates customers and ultimately benefits the accredited air medical transport company with a spike in business.


The Ultimate CAMTS Accreditation Advantage

CAMTS accreditation offers several benefits to medical air services companies including prestige, boost in business, government level recognition and lower insurance premiums. Customers in search of quality services will always prefer air medical services of a CAMTS accredited company amid other medical transport providers. Briefly put, CAMTS accreditation is a win-win situation for both the medical air services providers as well as the customers, as it ensure the highest safety standards to customers and allows the company to stand apart from the competition.

When choosing air medical services for yourself or your loved ones, remember that not all medical air services companies choose to become accredited by CAMTS which is why it is imperative to select only the one that holds itself to the highest standards set forth by this accreditation agency. AirMed proudly stands as a fully accredited air medical transport company by CAMTS and has earned certifications from EURAMI, NAACS, FAA and are proud to be serving the US Department of Defense. As an award winning air medical transport company, we are dedicated to improving the quality of patient safety and medical air services around the world, offering a wide spectrum of air medical transport related services and standards to our customers the world over.